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How many times in life can you say, “I’m homeless.” Fortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to say it until now. An opportunity? As we all laugh at the prospect. Yes, an opportunity! Again, how many times can you say it in life? Over the last 7 months, I hauled approximately 5 loads of “stuff” to the dump. The dump! Not good will, the dump. Five years in a house, five truck loads.

When I die, I won’t be taking my favorite chair or that awesome art piece that hung on my wall. All the dishes I sadly forgot to pack from the dishwasher last minute? Will I find myself balling my eyes out 10 years from now because I miss them so much? Lol, no, of course not. I’ll have forgotten all about them by then. I won’t forget the precious moments inside the passing storm. Those moments with my friends that were short but meaningful. The family get togethers are sewn into my soul forever.

So yeah, I’m “homeless”, my kids and my animals are all “homeless.” But we have each other. We have this “moment” to explore all it’s possibilities. We are here. We are home. California is our home, America is our home and we are blessed by these things. We are blessed in so many ways that if we don’t see this as an opportunity then we are blind. There is a bigger plan here. God is in charge and he knows what is and what will be.

Namaste Jules

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