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Autism Parents (After Dark) Support Group

This is a a support group for parents of autistic kids. We have a little bit of flare.

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Parents of Adult Children With Special Needs (16+ yo and older ONLY!!)

This group is for family members/caretakers of special needs/disabled adults 16 yo and older. If your child is younger, please seek other groups. There are many for parents of young children, and this group is not to be a "look into the future" for caretakers of younger children. We *will not* accept applications from anyone whose child is younger. However, if your child will be 16 during the current school year, you will be considered for membership if you provide approximate date (birth month is acceptable). All 3 membership screening questions *must* be answered for membership consideration, with the specific information asked for, and within 7 days of application. Any after that point will be deleted from the queue.
One last clarification: The group is for *parents/Guardians* of special needs/disabled individuals 16+, so unless a disabled individual here is also a parent of a disabled individual 16+ yo, there are no SN adult members.

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Parents of Adult Children with Autism

Facebook group for parents of adult children with Autism

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Team Daniel and the Clozapine community

Facebook group: Team Daniel Running for Recovery and the Clozapine community is for clozapine advocates, prescribers, family members and patients who take the antipsychotic clozapine(Clozaril).
Team Daniel’s purpose is to share information from the book, Meaningful Recovery from Schizophrenia and Serious Mental Illness with Clozapine, by Dr. Dr. Robert Laitman, and Dr. Ann Mandel Laitman.

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