Growing up I always knew that one day I was going to live in California. I had no idea that mental illness, and a late diagnosis of autism would be the vehicle that brought us here. My name is Julie Fackrell, I have two kids, Jacob is 28, Emma is 18 and they are the brightest stars that guide me. When I’m not busily working the days away keeping schedules on track and completing various mom duties, I find time to work on my art projects and indulge in self care which is usually playing phone games with the tv on in the background, and the occasional mani/pedi. I have also spent much of my life working in the theatre as an actor and director, and I hope to return to the stage one day. Most of my time spent on “mom duties” consists of medical management and advocacy for my son who has autism, and suffers with mental illness.



I really enjoy creating art, and I put a lot of work into every piece I make. I plan on going into a career related to science or math, but at the moment, I’m just really excited for the future. English is my first language, but I know quite a lot of Spanish, and a little bit of Russian. I can’t wait to meet all of you wonderful people! Thank you!